The Human Proactive Project

Don’t worry, that’s just a funny name for my hobbies. I try to do a lot, so I have some projects in the work that occupy a lot of my otherwise unoccupied time.

My goal is to teach myself as an alternative to going to college (though I do take a class from time to time.) Below is a list of ‘studies’ I’ve committed myself to. I’ll be adding more content based on progress, but at the moment this will have to do.

  • Japanese (Language)
  • Spanish (Language)
  • Programming/Computer Technology
  • Literature/Poetry
  • Digital Photography/Image Editing
  • Guitar/Harmonica/Piano/etc.
  • Writing (Fiction and Nonfiction)

Here’s to self improvement. Two languages, computers, music and writing – and that’s just the beginning. I have my work cut out for me, but what is there to do with a human life other than occupy your time and see what you can achieve?


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