A poem: “Reader”


There is more to understanding
than reading people or situations.
There is an unnamed force that flows around
everything living and nonliving
like the wind flowing through the reeds,
an energy that permeates us,
our pasts, our futures,
that touched our ancestors
and that will touch our children
and their children…

There is an energy that connects us all,
binds us in a great flow
that originates in the soul
and flows from the heart like water,
sometimes a thin trickle,
in times of great emotion
like a raging torrent.

We have all felt it and are affected by it
in great ways. Though some ignore it,
it is always there around us, within us.
Happiness, anger, courage and cowardice –
it encompasses everything we know and feel.
Though we may not always understand it,
it understands us, forgives us, empowers us.

It gives us strength in times of weakness
and consoles us in times of great loss
if only we would open ourselves to it.

Allow yourself to be taken by it
and there will be no force
that can shake your resolve,
nothing to hold you in place
if you chose to press forward.

It is all there, flowing from our hearts.
It is all within, even now,
and always has been.

You must use your heart to acquire
the things that your heart desires –
there is no other way.

Do not fear, for it gives you
the strength to move any obstacle
and overcome any loss.

There is no more or less in any one or the other,
but an equal and inexhaustible measure in us all
that everyone must share.

Open yourself to it.
Eat, drink, breath deeply of it
and nothing will ever displace you
from the path you walk
towards the life you most desire.


“Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you can’t do something…”

I never want to hear another person try to rationalize about how I can’t do something because “It doesn’t work that way”, or “It’s not that easy”, or “You can’t A because B”. Save those lame excuses, and leave the impossible to the dreamers. Nothing great was ever achieved with that attitude – the attitude that says things have to work the way they’re supposed to work; the same attitude that says, “It’s not that easy,” while the other side has to hide their dream, saying to themselves, “It’s not that hard…”

See, Dreamers play on the other side of the fence as those negative-realists. The Defeaters, or Pessimists, or Assholes – whatever you like to call them – are a type of monster that live within everyone. Some have managed to overcome this negative influence and now aspire unhindered towards their dreams, but it is a much more tragic outcome for most.

I’d say most people have been defeated by their own pessimism. Even worse, others have been taken over completely, and now wander the Earth, alone, terrified, and secretly suicidally depressed, laughing at others dreams and saying things like “It’s not that easy”…

That is why Dreamers have to be smarter, stronger, and more prepared to take this abuse than ever before. I see it now, even as far as we’ve come, getting worse. People have lost their ability to dream, think for themselves, and truly feel the inspiration that drives people to do amazing things. They’ve lost sight of fun and experimentation – which is the heart and soul of creativity. This is why we must be as strong as ever, because dreams are fragile things.

Like Will Smith says in The Pursuit Of Happiness, “Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you can’t do something. Not even me. You got a dream… You gotta protect it. People can’t do something themselves, they wanna tell you you can’t do it. If you want something, go get it. Period.”

The light is something that we all carry, but some people have had theirs near completely extinguished. Don’t let it die. You might not save anyone, but you can protect yourself by keeping your head full of childish, impossible dreams, then fighting for it – enjoying it, every step of the way – in order to obtain them. Through great effort, great things can be achieved. Never let anyone tell you it’s not as easy as it sounds. No one ever said it was easy, but you said you were going to do it, so do it.

You want something, you go get it. Period.