I’ve taken to writing reviews… bad ones.

You know what bothers me? Poor service. Not “Oh, they didn’t bring me an extra napkin”, but poor service that really affects my life. I recently reviewed a lawyer who became ruthlessly curt after the money was handed over. Friendly until paid, that was the game. I gave no leeway in my review, stating the facts of the matter. None of them were pretty. That review can be found here: Review on Avvo

Next up was a Counseling Service that seems to still be in the 80’s era of propaganda and ignorance. That review can be found here: Review on Yelp

To say the least, I’m sick and tired of being treated poorly by those I hire, willingly or not. If I give you money for your service, I had damn well better be buying a smile and politeness from you as well. If not, face a poor and permanent review.

My Yelp.com tagline: “Customers shouldn’t fear their businesses. Businesses should fear their customers.”

I recommend others to start reviewing the businesses they deal with. Maybe then courtesy and common sense will prevail. Or at least, maybe those businesses without them won’t.


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