Vespas, screenplay structure, and baked macaroni.

While staying busy I forget to consistently post on my wonderful and neglected WordPress blog. Hello, WordPress. I have learned much while I’ve been away, and I couldn’t possibly relate it all. I can say: I know everything about Piaggio Vespa’s now, I now cannot write because Structure has gotten in my way, and I made mediocre Baked Macaroni and Cheese.

Concerning Structure, it’s just a big wall in my way now. I’ve been reading and listening about the 3 Act Structure, 5 Act, 7 Act, screen beats, scene composition, cause and effect, the Button (the snappy last line in a scene), the archetypal “Save The Cat” scene, and all the other nicknames for the typical scenes. It’s a new world that I had no idea existed, so it’s a bit heavy.

Like a good anarchist, I remember: there are no ceilings and I can walk right through the walls.


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