I’m not a Christian, and I’m not repentent for that either…

I won’t go off on a long, blown-out rant about religion and the effects it had on me in my youth. What I will say is: Religiousness is noticeably connected to a closing of the mind and a narrowing of the view. Upon reading the previous line, many religious folk immediately raise the defensive “pity wall”. They think, with a smug-satisfied smile, ‘Oh, lord help them.’ By pretending the broad-minded, open-to-all-possibilities folk are missing the bigger picture, the religious mind protects itself from the truth. Like any obsession, the obsessed will warp reality in any possible way to maintain the absurd beliefs that they’ve locked themselves into committing to.

Broadening your mind and considering the possibilities won’t hurt you. The beliefs you are too scared to let go of, those beliefs will hurt you. So I am not religious, and I think that is an important thing to point out.


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