If aliens are real then so is God…

I like to confuse people by fighting for and against things, making me look like a hypocrite or a devil’s advocate. In truth, I am probably a bit of both, but a lot of the latter. So my newest rant goes a bit like this…

I’ve heard people say, “Of course there are aliens! With all that space, how could there not be?” And the same people say, “God is a big fairy tale. What are you five years old believing in a flying magician in the sky?” They also don’t believe in Santa Claus or dragons, but according to their initial argument, all of those things exist!

Infinite space in the universe supposedly means infinite possibilities, so people say aliens must be out there. But these enlightened thinkers are falling victim to the same unquestioned acceptance that caused people to believe the world is flat and God made the universe in seven days. By blindly accepting and repeating what they’ve heard, they’ve made themselves just as bad as anyone who accepts without proof.

Even if it’s science, and even if it sounds accurate, YOU HAVE NEVER SEEN ALIENS! I understand beliefs are personal, and I do not say yay or nay to aliens, God, Santa Claus, or Oompa-Loompas, but there is a point where we must STOP suspending our disbelief and start suspending our own beliefs to what we can truly know. Oompa-Loompas and Santa Claus are made up characters, and we can prove it. As for aliens and God… just don’t say you know. Say you believe.

And for God’s sake, don’t go around saying, “Of course aliens/God are/is real/not real! What are you stupid?” No, we’re not stupid. We’re just really skeptical and need to be sure before we go passing it off as the truth.


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