Developing discipline…


Today, I am going to write something. Simply saying this is a practice in integrity. It’s a practice and an experiment of responsibility, to see if I can consistently write by sitting myself down during certain hours, as opposed to confining my writing to moments of flash inspiration. Flash inspiration is a powerful writing method, but it’s not reliable. I need consistency. Namely, discipline.

I’ve rooted this out to be my number one blockade. It’s not that I ever have writer’s block in the sense of a lack of inspiration. I have plenty of inspiration. I think I’m going to pop from it all. But there’s something else blocking me from drawing that inspiration out when I really need it. A writer is blocking me from writing. He’s 5’8″, blonde, and he is me. I am my writer’s block because I lack the discipline to do what I know is best for me.

I’d rather run around and find the inspiration than actually write. I’d rather day dream and make stories in my head than actually write them. It’s irresponsible. I enjoy a giddiness of inspiration, but don’t give myself the structure to write.

I need to make outlines, and concept sheets, and webs and silly things like that which could actually organize my whole rap. I need rough drafts, just get it down and work from there, and the loose ends will tie themselves up, or I’ll tie them to the closest tether-spot when I’m half way through. A repeatable, sustainable system.

Inspiration is great and all, but it’s not worth anything but a cheap high if you can’t do something with it. Something systematic has to be put into place for me to benefit at all from this. It’s what I like to do, but not something I’d like to waste. If I can do more with what I have, why wouldn’t I? Comfort and complacency will be the death of your potential. Never stop hungering.

Wish meh luck.


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