Blogging for charity – what are my options?

In general, I’m going to look into this topic, and probably even make a post about what I learn, but if anyone has any wisdom to share, I’m full of listen.

I want to do something productive with my blogging eventually, when I get a bit of know-how, and a blog for charity would be a great way to focus my ambitions. I got the idea from the UNICEF Tap Project, where you don’t touch your smartphone while it’s on a timer, and for every 10 minutes, supposedly a child gets about a days worth of clean water. I’ve had my phone on that timer for over four hours now, and I was contemplating other simple ways that I could help.

My original idea was a motivational blog, but I’m still in the process of writing relevant copy, which I want a planet full of before I start that endeavor. Maybe combine the ideas? It’s all for purpose anyway, not necessarily money (though if I can eat a little better, I don’t require much.) I just want to push a set of feelings and ideas out there into the world and hope that somehow someone is positively affected.

A motivational blog that donates 90% of everything to properly researched and selected charities is not a bad dream to aspire towards, I think. Please, thoughts and advice, point me towards a resource – your support is invaluable.


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