A thought on ideas and expression…

Be careful with what comes out of your heart. Nothing that comes from the heart is stupid, but it can be unexpected and perhaps even inappropriate for the time.

Fresh from the heart, an idea or a feeling is vulnerable, and linked right back to where it hurts the most. People can be so cruel, too, so it’s not always a good idea to share or seek an opinion on something new. Even those whose advice you trust most may accidentally demotivate you with a dose of practicality.

I say, let the idea mature until you fully understand it yourself. Before you write anything off as good or bad, understand that an idea is never done growing, like the great and mighty trees of the forest.

But inspiration isn’t a single tree from which you pull a bountiful harvest, it’s more like a hundred thousand seeds you sow, then tend to almost unwittingly. They grow themselves just fine, but creators and those who express like to do what they can to help the seeds along – taking a walk to give them air and sun, or going out with friends to give them a dose of caffeine and laughter, like any good thought-baby needs.

I repeat, that nothing that comes from the heart is stupid. There are no bad ideas when it comes to art, but don’t pour your heart out before you can truly give the idea, and yourself, creative justice.


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