My thoughts on A Seperate Peace, Chapter 1…

One chapter in, I haven’t caught the main characters name, but I can say I knew someone like Phineas – his dare-devil friend. Everyone had a friend like Phineas, and I think everyone will find themselves similar to the narrator, as it’s just “slice of normal life” enough to feel like the book is about your childhood.

So far the book takes place at the narrators old school in the present day, with flashbacks taking the reader back to his younger years apparently running around with his friend, whom he looks up to, Phineas.

Right away the school – a boarding school for boys during a time of war – brings back memories of my own neighborhood growing up. We were a bunch of boys running around, looking down on and up to each other, though no great war was going on in the background, and there was no real fear of the draft.

It’s a solid start to I’m sure a lovely book. The first couple pages have the narrator navigating his old school, then the last couple depict a flashback of a memorable event for him, jumping from a tree out into water – a task usually performed by upperclassmen. I liked the half-and-half build, a couple pages of present, a couple pages of past.


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