Senryu: I saw everything…


I saw everything,

as if to reach a grand close,

pause – and pose – perfect.



So I post most, or at least some of these poems to Helium, a content website. They recently sent one back to my workshop saying it was a Senryu, not a Haiku, and that I had posted it in the wrong area… I’m not stubborn and ranting, or anything like that. A Haiku is more often about nature, and a Senryu about human nature, but the difference is about that far. Both also adhere to very flexible rules. Poetry isn’t very set in stone in my opinion, like grammar, no matter what anyone says. Even spelling differs slightly depending on where you call your neighborhood, or neighbourhood.

But Helium is dogged on qualifying submissions correctly, as they’ve gotten me a few times for slightly improper syllabic structure and off-topic-ed-ness. Ah, well, At least I don’t make up words for poems, or ignore poetic structure completely, like Lewis Carrol or Walt Whitman. I never bonded with Walt Whitman properly anyway, and Lewis Carrol is just nonsense.

Was it Da Vinci who mastered mirror-writing? Or Michelangelo? That wouldn’t be accepted either – no practical application. Any genius, dyslexic, or autistic artist could mirror-write, but it takes a professional to write a poem set to Helium standards. I’ll just have to give it another go and make sure I’ve got my P’s & Q’s in all the right henpecking – that is, pigeon holes.

Thoughts? I don’t bite, but I did skip my flu shot.


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