Nihongo o naratte imasu…

I’m 95% sure that means “I am learning Japanese.” More literally, “Japanese language, learning, there is.”

Subjects are implied in the Japanese language, and read from context clues. The only thing that trips me up is how simplified it is, which makes it seem like something is missing, or wrong, when it’s actually just simple. Because of the heavy reliance on context, the sentence “Nihongo o narratte imasu” could actually mean many things, such as “You are studying Japanese”, “S/he is studying Japanese” or even “We/they are studying Japanese”.

It depends on who you gesture to, I suppose. It’s pretty obvious if you say the Japanese equivalent of “Are swimming” it would be obvious that the ones swimming are the topic of the sentence. It’s just a ‘gotcha’ because it seems too easy. Unlike Spanish, which is as difficult as the number of pronouns you intend to use.

Luckily, there’s an app for Japanese and Spanish. There hasn’t been any crossover, so learning both hasn’t been too difficult. It’s a lot of vocabulary memorization, pronunciation, conjugation, and sentence structuring. Nothing a couple years of practice won’t fix.

I’d say in five years – maybe less – I’ll have useable Spanish and Japanese. Not perfect, but enough to get by in either situation. I know it’s not impossible, but still I know those who would laugh at my aspirations. Well… I just kind of pity these people. If they don’t believe in others it’s probably because they don’t believe in themselves. People like that need to laugh at others goals so they don’t have to face the fact that they’re lazy cowards without goals. Strange defense mechanisms hurting others in order to protect themselves. Sad.

Back to the grinding stone.


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