Writing a daily haiku…

I understand this exercise is to black-mail myself into writing more using self-promises and integrity as bargaining chips, but I’ve found an interesting and less sinisterly devised outcome. Not only am I writing a bit more, I’m forcing myself to condense what I’m thinking of at the moment into three lines…

(Suddenly I realize one of my haikus refers to haikus having twelve syllables, but there are seventeen…)

Anyway, point being – I’m focusing what’s on my mind into a short sentence, so I’m seeing where my mind often goes when I am forced to produce something when I’m not feeling that flow-state motivational drive. A lot of the time this has me writing about haikus, because as I sit down, that’s all I’m thinking of, but I see other topics arising.

Doubt, the past and future, inspiration. It’s interesting to see what little thoughts might be on my mind, ready to be condensed even further into a quaint little seventeen syllable sentence. Perhaps as I dig deeper and get past the haikus about haikus and the other riff-raff, maybe I’ll really be able to instill something beauteous into those syllables. We’ll see, I suppose.


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