This whole blogging thing…

WordPress sure does a wonderful job making the blogs look nice, organizing content and whatnot, but I think it’s obvious. I’m an amateur, but that word is not lowly to me. My cup is empty, so to speak (curse me for cliche), and I’m interested in having a drink.


So I’ve made a personal blog, set some goals to prompt me to write, written some prompts to meet some goals. I’m glad WordPress does such a nice job, most of the work in fact, leaving me to fill in the blank pages with something… meaningful.


But this is a personal blog, so what’s meaning to me, personally, are my own thoughts and the outside information that is apparently relevant enough to get caught up in my gears. I have higher aspirations, though, and this is a sorts of a practice, or more like experimentation. I hardly know what to “practice”, but the goals I’ve set should keep me at least posting and experimenting.


I know the power of a blog these days, just as powerful as anything relevant on the internet can be. I’d like to run a blog one day for the purpose of social awareness, the spread of values, and honestly a feel-good campaign to tell people that there is a better way to live. It’s not my way, I don’t want any credit for the ideals, there are plenty of reasonable and peaceful teachings out there, and all I’d like to do is focus them and see them put into words that everyone can understand.


I know the world could benefit from the spread of values, unrelated to religion, nationality, spirituality, sexuality, and etc. But such big dreams are only nice for the thrilling thought of fulfillment, unless applicable skill is applied and the necessary work is done.


So what does it take? I’d say a lot of writing, and probably a stockpile of pictures to decorate and accentuate the articles. Maybe even videos (though I’m no star) and (who knows?) art work, really anything I can apply to the cause. I know media content won’t change the world, but global social awareness, as well as the presence of benevolent forces working for the Great Cause, are essential to that fight.




And so I’ll continue to write haikus, and maybe upload a bit of journalistic-type writing. I’ll take pictures and build a stockpile, refine my knowledge and resources. And if anyone is interested enough to read this far, please, more than a ‘like’, I’d like to hear that it’s not that bad of an idea, and maybe, if there’s ever a chance and the project comes to fruition, I’d like to see others contribute. I wouldn’t dream of changing the world alone.


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