‘Red’: A one word poem…





Try to take this seriously. What can one word say? Singled out like that, if you think about it too much, it hardly looks like the word for the actual color, red. From one word you can call up a thousand images – blood, hearts, apples, Michael Jackson’s leather jacket, a fancy sports car. I’d say one word can be viewed as and appreciated as a poem, because poetry boils down to the thought provoked by a particular choice of words, or in this case, a word.

Seriously, consider it! Less is more. When you write, you make decisions based on the feeling words contribute to sentences. It’s not just their meaning and their sound, it’s their shape, consonants and vowels, and the connotations that are inevitably attached to each one. A single word is enough to provoke a thousand related thoughts – that’s the beauty of the human mind’s understanding of language and association. Poetry can be what it is because we have the capacities to see much more than fun little rhymes or half distracted thoughts published for us to pick apart and search through for meaning. We can see nuances and make connections like nothing ever imagined, except by us, of course.

Poetry can be what it is for the same reason my poem ‘Red’ can be a poem. Meaning is anywhere you look, even in the most solitary of ideas, like the color red. Trash is only trash until you care for it enough to see the beauty and connection of it (yes, even trash.) What defines trash from treasure, anyway, besides the perceived value, or lack thereof?


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