Haiku marathon…

I’m contemplating starting a personal haiku marathon. I’ll write one haiku a day for a month, posting them on Helium.com, where I write (or at least used to write) poetry for pennies.

It’s an exercise in writing, as well as an interesting game I can play as life ticks by. I like to write verse and prose and whatnot, but I have no real motivation to actually be diligent.

Perhaps if I write enough I can cash in all my pennies. Helium is a nice site, but I haven’t unlocked the treasure troves that are potentially hiding in the infrastructure. I write a little, rate a couple poems so my account remains active, and pennies trickle in.

What if I upload a haiku every day for a year? Will a couple pennies every day from three hundred poems add up eventually? What if I did it for 5 years? Silly, ridiculous – but it would be a performance in just doing so.

I’ll start with a month.

I also plan on making a page to shamelessly provide links to all of my poems on Helium. The more views, the more pennies. I’m not trying to extort anyone – you know the deal. I will say, though, that there are a few gems in my portfolio. Or at least I’d say so.

If a supposed 97% of everything you write is worthless other than for stepping stones, then 3% can be recognized as the best of your work during that time. Those seem like accurately guessed statistics.


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